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Women We Love: Heidi Guerard

by Lindsay posted in motherhood, family portraits, collaboration, handcrafted • Mar 14, 2017 9:01:00 AM



This month we have the pleasure of unveiling our newest looks at Little Nest... handpainted storybook sets created exculsively for us by the beautiful and talented Heidi Hope Guerard.  We asked Heidi to tell us the story behind her exquisite, layered looks.  What we got, was so much more!  An inspirational peek behing the curtain of a light-filled, heart forward, mother, artist, businesswoman and beautiful soul.  We're so lucky to have her as a collaborator & friend!  Read on to hear her story...
BTS Grace shoot-1.jpg

I want children to remember their childhood as magic.  

I want them to know that they are extraordinary.

When I painted my first photography background, it was for my middle daughter Grace.  It was the month before her first birthday.  I had never mixed my painting with my photography before so I had no idea what the outcome would be.  I scoured Pinterest for ideas.  I gathered my dried up Acrylics and dug up my box of Charcoal from college.  I nailed a giant roll of canvas to the wall of my studio and got to work.  "This could be great”, I thought.  “Or this could just be a giant mess!”

I wasn’t sure of what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to create something as special for Grace as she was to me.  I wanted it to feel as if it were from the pages of a storybook.  The story of her.

Sometimes art can speak what words cannot.

I put my heart on that canvas.


Grace's first year was bittersweet.  I was back at work just four weeks after I had her.  No time for a baby book.  It all went by in a blur.  I remember the night I unexpectedly cherished waking up for a 3am feeding.  What was happening to me?!  I was actually enjoying the sleepless nights?!  

It was more time that I could hold her.  

Suddenly she was turning into a toddler and my memories of her babyhood were already fading around the edges.   I couldn’t help questioning, "Will she know how much I love her?”  

Motherhood is often like that.  We never feel there is enough time.  We want to hold onto it with everything we have.


Thankfully, I had it all in pictures.  The little details that my memory was already losing hold of.  Her big blue eyes.  The way her blonde hair curled up at her neck.  Her silly smile.  Her funny crawl.  A story told in photographs.  Each one whispering:

“You are beautiful."  "You are one-of-a-kind."  "You are loved beyond measure.”  

I want my children to never forget.

I want no child to forget.

When I paint, it is from my heart.  Of course it is fun to create sets, shop for wardrobe, match nursery and first birthday party themes.  I’m a girl who loves Pinterest as much as anyone.  I love finding the beauty in everything and everyone.  I love creating what has never been seen.  I’m constantly inspired by the unexpected.  A children’s book.  A song.  A walk through nature.  There is no shortage of wonder all around us.  But when I pick up a brush, I forget all of those things.  I forget the world.  I get lost in creating.  

heidi painting little nest 2.jpg

Grace’s painting turned into something much greater.  Today I am able to create art for families around the world both through my photography and my background designs.  When I start a new canvas, I smile just thinking that what I am painting will be a small piece of someone else’s story.  I hope that through my work I can remind them of the magic that surrounds them and the light that is within them.

Every child is born with that magic.  It is an unwritten story.  A story that has never been told by anyone in the world.

Each time I pick up my brushes or my camera, I feel so lucky to be a part of the story being told.  That is why collaborating with Little Nest to create signature looks for their studios has been so joyful and rewarding.  Now, that story can be told for children everywhere, by people who are as passionate about remembering as I am.  

Each of the exclusive Little Nest looks were created to evoke the whimsy and wonder of childhood.  A timeless tale is told through all of the details.  The things we sometimes overlook.  Round bellies and newborn smiles, tiny toes and first steps, smiles and hugs and holding hands.  Together we create a bit of magic for our children, so that they may always remember it exists.  The beauty and wonder of these moments will never come again, but we can pause and capture it.

Story Backdrops024_lowres.jpg

As parents, when our memories begin to fade around the edges, we can hold the pictures in our hands and remember.    

And when our children forget, these photographs can remind them;

“You are beautiful."  "You are one-of-a-kind."  "You are loved beyond measure.”