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why growing slowly is smart sometimes



Overnight success is all the rage. 

But from my perspective, slow, steady, intentional growth has meant more happiness than I ever could hope overnight success would bring.

Work-life harmony, kindness, and joy are extremely important to me.

They're three of my core beliefs. And business decisions that risk any one of those three beliefs are likely to be declined -- even if that temporarily delays my own personal or business growth.

Sure, I could work on the weekends and pay a sitter to watch my kids in the evenings to finish a looming project one week earlier -- but my harmonious life would be off-kilter.


I mean, how could I say no to getting down on the floor and playing trains with my boys?

And yes, I could make cut-throat decisions that would increase my bottom line by a percentage point or two. But those choices wouldn't be kind to those in my business and the partners or employees that have helped me grow this business thus far.

Because I decline the opportunities that come my way that dare to threaten what's at my core, I experience more joy at work and at home every single day. And that joy is part of the energy that gets me up and excited about this business each morning. I need it!

When your core belief system makes you pause, take notice, and be intentional about the choices you make, that's a good thing. Even if it means your climb to the top takes just a wee bit longer.