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what my son's soccer coach taught me about business

by Lindsay posted in Franchise Information, small business ownership • Oct 14, 2014 1:53:00 PM






My son met with his soccer coach recently to get his very first player evaluation report.  He was nervous.  He’s been playing travel soccer for over 6 years, and has always been considered a strong player. But now he’s in middle school, and the stakes are higher, the skills are harder, and the boys are all in various stages of growth. Suddenly, the star players are struggling, and the kids who sat on the bench are gaining glory. His whole universe is shifting, and so is his confidence.


The coach put it simply in our parents’ meeting… Growth is challenging.  Every time you get comfortable where you are, you either stagnate, or you push forward to learn new things.  Our boys are grappling with changing bodies and new physical & mental challenges associated with becoming young men. 


Our businesses and employees go through a very similar growth process.  At each stage, we must either push forward to learn new skills and work through the growing pains, or we will run the risk of being left behind. 


small business owners need coaches, too! 

One of the difficult things about owning a small business is knowing how to navigate these changes and growth periods.   Who can coach you on topics that are out of your expertise?   Whether it is a mutual support network of business owners who agree to advise and support each other, or whether you pay for consultants and business coaches, make a point to surround yourself with smart, savvy, like-minded souls who understand your vision, and bring their own experience & skills to the table. Having great coaches to help you along the way makes the process easier, more productive, and much more fun. 


In return, part of your job as a small business owner, is to be a great coach to your own team.  Mentoring them, challenging them, and supporting them through their learning process can be very rewarding.  However, many of us were not taught how to do this, and it can seem daunting.  Many small business owners avoid employee evaluations and mentoring because they don't feel confident in their own business coaching skills.   Have no fear!   With a little practice and guidance, you will find your flow as a coach & mentor. You may even learn a lot about yourself along the way!


Here’s a great tip from our coach on how he approaches player evaluations:

"The key is to show your team members where they are strong, and excite them to focus on their challenges.  Each player has something to offer to the team, and something they can learn from someone else. My job is to help them see this as a great opportunity to be the best that they can be …and to make sure they have fun in the process!

Thanks coach!!


As part of the Little Nest Group, studio owners have access to an extensive knowledge base and excellent coaches to guide them through various stages of their business.  If you are interested in learning more about small business ownership and what it takes to own a Little Nest Portraits Studio, please contact lindsay@littlenestphoto.com or click the link below.
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