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what are you afraid to do?

by Lindsay posted in small business ownership, women in business, management tips • Feb 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM





Have you been putting something off, because it scares you or takes you out of your daily comfort zone?

Letting fear guide your decisions is a surefire way to stifle success. By following the easier path, the one that keeps you comfortable and safe, you will miss some of the most amazing opportunities that life can place in front of you!  We learn when we test ourselves.  Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don't.  But if you face your challenges head on, and attempt to do what you've never done before, you will always emerge stronger, wiser, and further along your path than you were before.

Failure isn't when we make a mistake, it's when we allow fear to stop us from trying something new.

This week, challenge yourself to try something that scares you!  Once you've faced your fear, encourage one of your friends, colleagues, or employees to do the same, and support them in their adventure. We are all stronger when we work together and push each other to new heights!  Surrounding yourself with a supportive network will help you overcome challenges and grow. 


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