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Styling Your Photo Session

by Alex • Mar 24, 2016 12:31:33 PM



If you’re like most of us, the last thing you think about when organizing your family for their portrait session is where you will hang the pictures. Traditionally, that happens after the session, as you prepare for your ordering meeting.Here’s an insider tip. To get images you’ll love and want to display forever, think about how and where you want to use the images in your home before your photo session. A little extra planning ahead of time will pay you back with great choices for your walls. Here is a great example of a session styled with the room in mind... and three reasons why it works.


1. Color Palette

Clothing colors (varied blues & orange) are pulled from the color accents in the room. Because the walls and furniture are soft and neutral, the bright hues from the rug and pillows are a perfect choice to add to the walls.

 2. Informal clothing & posing

This room is where the family relax and enjoy each other over meals & games. Informal clothing and posing in the session were the perfect style to fit the space.

3. Scale

The wall collection mirrors the size of the table, giving a perfect balance to the room. Choosing a collection vs one big image allows all of the children to be featured independently, while still highlighting their special bonds.


 In this breezy beach house below, a wide hallway becomes the perfect gallery for family artwork. Let’s break it down and see what makes this look work. 


the navy rug in this beach house hallway inspired the choice of navy & chambray dresses in the images

 1. Color Palette

Sticking with the bright and airy feel of the house, mom chose to dress the girls in the deep navy of the rug, and softer beach blues to create a bridge between one room and the next.

 2. Clothing Style

The girls are dressed in casual dresses and barefeet, perfectly fitting to beach house life and yet polished and put together enough for a more public space within the home.

 3. Scale

The scaled up sizes of the canvases are a perfect balance to the wide open space of the hallway and create a gallery feel.

Using photography as artwork in your home is all about creating the perfect balance between decorative style and personal statement.

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