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How Maternity Images Fit into Your “Big Picture”

by Laura posted in Maternity, Maternity Portraits • Dec 22, 2013 8:07:00 AM



Whether this is your first or fifth child, maternity images are a beautiful way to capture the excitement and emotion of a very special time in your life. As you prepare for a maternity session, it’s a good idea to think about how these images fit into your “Big Picture” for photography in your home.


Is this your first child? You have a blank slate! A great way to start is with a little gallery on your nursery wall. A simple collection like the the one below is perfect for including an image from maternity, newborn, 6 month & 1st birthday sessions. Build on to this over the years to include photography milestones and siblings.

Do you have other children? Then this moment is an important time for them as well. Include the whole family in the session and start to create a wall collection that gives each child a chance to shine. Their excitement and wonder will tell a beautiful story. Include them again at the newborn session to capture their expressions and interactions as they welcome the newest member into the family. All of your children will look back at these images with their own memories of this special time.

Maternity images are also a beautiful work of art in the master bedroom. Imagine an elegant and personal image like the one below framed above the bed or over a dressing table. This is a beautiful time in your life. Celebrate it!

A photography wall collection can seem daunting at first, especially after a maternity session. If you are considering creating a photography wall collection, or adding to an existing one, your photographer has some great tools to help you visualize how the photography wall art will look in your home. New software technologies allow us to build a virtual collection on your wall. This way you can start to see how your wall gallery will look at each phase, as well as possibilities for the future layouts. Think of this as a first step. As you go along through the years your vision can shift with no worries, as long as you choose images that grab your heart, and finishes that art classic and versatile: frames, canvas work best for building a collection of wall art over time.

How do you currently use photographs? Are you creating a family gallery wall, or do you prefer small frames placed around the home? Do you have boxes of prints and files on your computer that you are still waiting to organize? Do you feel uncomfortable displaying personal pictures on your walls, and instead prefer options like albums and scrapbooks?

You’re not alone. There are many reasons why you may not have done this before. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it now!  Thinking through these options will ensure you don't miss out on this magical time in your new baby's life.  If you are in the Philadelphia, Main Line, or Chester County areas we'd love to help you with this journey.

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