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Our "Vowel"-Ues

by Alex • Jun 6, 2016 7:00:00 AM



We love to celebrate family connections at Little Nest Portraits—in every aspect of what we do—photographing families, encouraging work-life balance of our employees and franchisees, partnering with like-minded businesses. In fact, it’s our hope that as soon as you step into a studio or our office, you feel that love and human connection radiating from every nook and cranny. To us, it’s more than just capturing a moment in time. It’s about creating and saving those magical little moments that make up a lifetime of pure, raw emotion and love. That any interaction with Little Nest Portraits, whether you’re a customer, employee, partner or friend, will give you a sense of belonging, of family and of something bigger than ourselves.

That doesn’t happen by accident though—especially in a company that’s growing every minute. Sometimes it feels like we’re busting at the seams, running in a thousand directions. It’s moments like that when we have to remind ourselves of our guiding light and come back to Earth to focus on why we’re truly here.


At Little Nest Portraits, our Founders, Laura Novak and Lindsey Lowry created our core values (or “vowel-ues” as we like to call them) with intention and simplicity in mind.


Sometimes defined as “being true to your own personality, spirit or character, despite external pressures.” We celebrate authenticity in our photography—striving to capture real, genuine and sincere interactions between family members. You’ll see it in our photography, our website, our blog posts, our social media, our employees. Authenticity is our true guiding light in the daily grind and decision-making processes. We will always strive to being true to the ideals and character of our Little Nest brand and family.


Innovation, efficiency, quality and attention to detail are our ultimate goal—which all boils down to service and your experience. Whether you’re a customer or team member, we will focus on every small detail and strive for the best in everything that we do.


Along the lines of being our authentic selves, we promise to always act with the utmost integrity. We believe in doing the right thing… even when no one is watching. It’s as simple as acting on our beliefs and delivering what we promise.


New ideas and opinions have been such an amazing driver of creativity, innovation and opportunity for us. We get it. Change is hard. But we’re willing to try anything once and encourage you and each other to try new things and push the envelope—in family photography, in business, in life.


Most importantly, we are a people-based business. Every person who is connected to or interacts with the Little Nest brand is important—and our priority. Much of the success we’ve had, we attribute to our celebration of people and their true selves. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?



It's our hope that whatever your relationship with Little Nest Portraits, your interactions and connections with us add just a little value to your life-- that our "vowelues" radiate in everything that we do. And that we can truly celebrate love, connection and family (no matter what it looks like) with us each and every day.