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No matter what you do, the experience matters

by Lindsay posted in customer service, management tips, monday mantra • Apr 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM





In the photography industry, our product and the experience in which it was created are tied forever.  Every time a person looks at their portraits, they will be instantly transported to the day they were taken.  It's a blessing ... and a challenge!!  The last thing we want is to have someone look at their child's perfect little pink ckeeks, and remember a day of stress, or frustration! 

For us, the experience IS the product.  And we are constatnly striving to make that experience better, smoother, and more special.  No matter what industry you are in, I would challenge everyone out there to start thinking about the experience they provide in their own business.  How do you meet your clients' needs and go above and beyond? 

Customer experience is more than customer service... it encompasses quality, perceived value, clear & friendly communication, atmosphere, and connection.  Little details, and kind interatctions make a big difference in your client's experience as well as your own.  This week's mantra is a call to be conscious about how you impact others in your day to day business.  And it is also a call to make sure your own experience is positive as well.  If you are enjoying your work and feel excited, engaged and enthusiastic, your clients will naturally catch on to that energy as well.  Try to make a small change this week and see how that helps to improve the experience for everyone in your business.

Please join the conversation and share some of your tips and tricks for creating a WOW experience for your clients, your co-workers, and yourself.  I'm sure others would love to learn from your expereince!


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