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Behind-the-Scenes: Newborn Session Q+A with Michelle

by Alex • Jun 6, 2016 11:53:00 AM




Trusting someone with your precious new arrival can be daunting and scary-- especially for first-time and new moms. Here at Little Nest Portraits, we take the utmost care in assuring that mom, dad, baby + siblings are as comfortable as possible, while we create masterful pieces of art that they will cherish forever. 

Recently, we sat down with Michelle, one of our talented photographers who is based in our studio at Wayne, PA. Michelle's love of newborn photography is evident in her stunning images! Take a peek below at her thoughts and suggestions on that perfect newborn session. 


Why do you love shooting newborns?

I love photographing newborns because you get to be a part of the happiest time in someone’s life. Their brand new little ones are only so tiny so long, and it’s a gift to photograph and freeze that moment in time for them to hold onto forever.


What’s your favorite part about newborn shoots?

I love prop shots and to cater each session around each families particular style in their home. Their interior design really helps guide the style of photography we do-- after all, usually that's where it's going to be displayed. Also, mom and dad photos are  my favorites because there is nothing like seeing and capturing the joy and love a parent has when they look down at their brand new baby. There's nothing like it!


Is there a style you love lately in newborn photography?

I love lifestyle newborn photography because I feel it captures real moments between mom, dad, baby and siblings. No two babies are the same, so no two sessions are the same. I love photographing different angles and lighting patterns to give each family a custom experience that captures their unique connections and personalities. 


Are you seeing any trends in newborn photography?

I think trends come and go. I prefer a less trendy, more classic photography style that will remain timeless and truly be an heirloom. You can't go wrong!


How do you approach a newborn session?

As I mentioned earlier, no two sessions are the same! That's what keeps it fun. I typically set up our newborn nest with very neutral colors and then set one aside that's gender specific. I also try and create a palette of newborn props that is different than what I did for a previous newborn shoots-- and that I know the parents will like. That way everyone gets something unique and totally original. It keeps it fresh for all parties! I love consulting with mom and dad to see what their likes and dislikes. My goal is to approach a session with everyone on the same page. That way, everyone is comfortable-- which makes the perfect environment to create the art that they will love and that I'm proud of as an artist. 


Okay, so we know you just got engaged and are in the thick of wedding planning… but we have to ask… If you were to have a baby, how would you style your newborn session (no pressure)?

Oh boy, skies the limit on that one! I would say I would want it to be something timeless. Lots of neutrals and monochromatic values with pops of color here and there. Oh, and I would need one of Bern ( my fiancee ) holding the baby because I am certain my heart would explode and I would treasure that moment always! 


Any tips for moms on preparing for their newborn shoots?

I encourage mom’s not to worry. Often times, it takes a while to get them to sleep but once they are, I can get what I need to get very quickly. We take our time with newborn sessions and allow plenty of time to ensure that we get what we need and that everyone is comfortable. I always let them know that unless I call them over to spot their baby, they can just relax and enjoy the process. Also, I really always encourage families to come photo ready-- wearing whatever makes you feel your best and is comfortable! This is such a sweet precious time with your new bundle and you will really cherish those moments when you look back on them years later!

Anything else you’d like to share?

It really is such a gift to capture this time for a family. I am honored each and every time!


Special thanks to Michelle for sharing her time + gorgeous newborn shots with us!