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Behind-the-Scenes: Newborn Session Q+A with Marcy

by Alex • Jun 22, 2016 11:54:00 AM




Newborn photography is definitely not something we take lightly here at Little Nest Portraits. We're truly honored to be trusted with documenting such a precious and special time for new and growing families, while creating true heirlooms that they will pass down for generations to come. 

One of our talented photographers, Marcy, who is based on our Glen Mills, PA location shared some of her thoughts on newborn photography and why it's so meaningful to be a small part of this amazing time. Marcy trains many of the Little Nest Portraits photographers on perfecting the newborn session-- we were honored to sit down with her and learn just what makes it so special. 


Why do you love shooting newborns?

I love sharing in this special time with families. The newborn stage is so special and something really exciting to capture. I also really enjoy spending that extra time with the family and learning more about them. 


What’s your favorite part about newborn shoots?

That’s tough I really love everything about the newborn session but I guess my favorite part would be capturing the family images because I love capturing that special connection. They are only this small for such a short period of time so I love capturing how tiny they are in their parents arms and also that feeling of joy and love you feel with your newborn.


Is there a style you love lately in newborn photography?

I really love shooting with window light for prop shots because you can capture really pretty lighting and shadows that really highlight all those sweet little nooks that newborns have. 


Are you seeing any trends in newborn photography? 

I personally think staying timeless is more important then getting too trendy. You want your newborn images to be enjoyed for a long time. I think they should capture emotions and feelings and that is what will create a true treasure. 


How do you approach a newborn session? 

I set up the newborn area with blankets and I will consult with the client on colors they like and style. I will pair things together and ask the client what they prefer. I can usually get a read on their style that way. I always use at least one neutral set up. I usually have the parents bring the car seat in and tell them to just leave the baby in the seat and I will handle it from there they can take a seat and relax! I also give a lot of instruction when doing the parent shots so they feel confident in the way they are positioned. 


Any tips for moms on preparing for their newborn shoots?

I think the most important thing is to relax and realize we are on baby time. Some babies go right to sleep and some take a bit longer. I tell them not to worry and just enjoy the process. We will get what we need. A well fed, warm baby is a happy baby! 


Anything else you’d like to share?

Just what a privilege it is to share this special time with the families!