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My Little Nest Story: Lara Aman Mattey, Wayne, PA Studio Owner

by Lindsay posted in family portraits, Heirloom Membership • Feb 22, 2017 9:34:00 AM



Step into our Wayne, PA  location and you are instantly embraced by a sense of joy and purpose.  There's a spark in the air, and everyone moves with a spring in their step.  And while the coffee bar may have something to do with it... (they make a mean pour over! ) ... it's really due to the personal passion that owner Lara Aman Mattey and her team bring with them every morning. 

Long before she became a studio owner, Lara was a Little Nest client, and her family journey with Little Nest is a huge part of what inspires her to create a welcoming experience for her guests. 

"Family is defined in so many ways; as is love. In 2011 I became a mom and it redefined what love means to me. Because of Little Nest, my definitions of both family and love changed, as my heart grew in ways that I never imagined possible. But, as with all great love stories, I should go back and start from the beginning..."

(Watch this video to hear about Lara's Little Nest journey.)

Knowing the power of documenting each chapter in her family's story as it unfolds has given Lara a deep passion for helping others to do the same thing.  "When somebody in your life is disabled, you do things differently.  Things aren't always easy. And Little Nest always made it so easy. It was enjoyable.  It was fun!" Now she gets to help share that fun with others. 

A challenge for many families lies in finding that happy medium between living the moment and documenting the moment.  As parents we feel the constant pull to photograph everything so that we don't miss it, but in the process, we miss the chance to fully enjoy the moment while we're in it.


"When we came in to the studio as a family for the first time, it was really special," says Lara.  "It's not just the photography, but these moments that were just so huge to me and defined who I was.  And they got to capture the connection between me, and Nick, and our girls. It was the entire experience that was really powerful."


Looking to the future, Lara hopes that the treasures her team helps to create for her guests will have that same significance for them. 

"It's been a long journey, and really powerful for us, and I was able to walk into a Little Nest and I was instantly part of this other family that really meant something to us and understood what I was going through. And now I have this journey on my walls.  That's priceless."


With the new Heirloom Membership program, Lara and her sister studio owners around the country hope that other families will be able to experience that feeling of being part of an extended family.  One that is here to celebrate them and empower them to tell their own stories in their own way. 

The program is designed to make it fun, easy, and affordable to capture lots of different moments and create a family album or wall collection over the course of a year.  Being part of the membership allows families flexibility to come more often, and to participate in member events where they can mix and mingle with the studio team as well as other local member families, to build new friendships.

"Now I get to give that gift that I received, to other people every day. I'm making people happy, and capturing these amazing moments for them.  That's really important to me."