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Monday Mantra: Keep pushing forward!

by Lindsay posted in small business ownership, monday mantra • Jun 1, 2015 11:09:00 AM





How can small businesses keep up in a world of fast paced change?
The first step is in changing our mindset.  Keeping up with the ever shifting sands of market trends, customer needs, and economic forces can feel  a lot like treading water.  Instead of putting your energy towards keeping up... start investing your time, effort & resources in forging ahead. 

Small businesses that can adapt and fill new roles within their industry are the ones that will find success.  So go out there and find the empty spaces.  Sieze new opportunities.  Build a market for yourself!!  You are an entrepreneur!! 


At Little Nest, we are passionate about forging new paths and encouraging creativity.  If you are passionate about people, portraits, and pushing forward with a great business model behind you, then consider becoming part of our collaborative franchise community

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