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Mom's Purse Survival Kit

by Alex • Apr 29, 2016 7:00:00 AM



Let’s be honest, a Mom’s purse is not usually (just) a fashion statement and accessory to her outfit. It’s a necessity to function in everyday life. We’re breaking down the absolute must-haves of every Mom-bag.

1. Snacks:

For whenever the hanger hits. Or you need something to keep them distracted while you’re in the waiting room. Or shopping. Or whatever.

2. Masking Tape:

Who knew that masking tape could be the best + most portable toy, ever?! Perfect for keeping kids occupied in the car or

3. Band-aids:

Going a day without one is a miracle. And they even seem to cure non-bleeding injuries. 

4. Snacks:

Did we mention the importance of snacks?

5. Baby wipes:

You never knew the millions of different uses for baby wipes until you had kids, did you? Cleaning off stains before a big meeting, wiping off sticky fingers, fitting in a quick gym session between errands, cleaning fingerprints off car windows… and you know, what they’re made for.

6. A custom phone case:

Because let’s be real. Even though they’re exhausting and sometimes you find yourself counting the seconds until bedtime, when they’re not with you, you miss them like crazy. Wallet prints are a thing of the past and a custom phone case means they’re always with you. (Get yours here!) 

7. Trains/Crayons/Coloring Books/

 Anything to keep them occupied! You never know when you'll need to quiet them down, keep them busy or BYOT (bring-your-own-toys)! Ideal for restaurants, doctors offices, days when the babysitter gets sick... 

8. Lipgloss or mascara:

So you can feel a little bit put together after a hectic morning, even if you have bags under your eyes, stains on your clothes or have been on a 5-day streak with your dry shampoo. (Although we think you’re beautiful, just the way you are—and are HUGE advocates of dry shampoo here at Little Nest Portraits).

9. An endless amount of keys:

Some of which you know where they belong and others that you’ve just accumulated over the years.

10. Extra diapers, underwear and clothes:

Even if just as an insurance policy, you’ll never regret having extras around for spills, accidents or muddy playdates!


What do you think? Are we missing something? We’d love to hear your purse must-haves!

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