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Modern Mom: Kim Holloway

by Alex • Apr 25, 2016 7:00:00 AM



With Mother's Day just around the corner, we're taking the time to sit down and some very modern and very real Moms. Moms today are in an interesting position that our mothers before us never experienced. Some are the breadwinners, some stay-at-home, some pursue a career in their passion. We're celebrating every kind of Modern Mom this week + every week. 

Today's Modern Mom is our Montclair client, Kim Holloway. Our Studio Owner, Brittany, connected with Kim to talk about her views as a modern working Mom-- and how she juggles it all!


pictured above: The Holloway Family at our Montclair, NJ studio. 

Tell us about your family-- what does a typical weekday look like? 

I would say our typical weekday looks like a scene during a circus act where the jugglers come out and do their best not to drop the ball! 

We try our best to stay on schedule which always means padding at least an hour from the time we need to be somewhere just to deal with any mishaps.  My husband and I are also potty training our 3-yr old so it’s been a little crazier than usual lately. We try to manage our time by sending each other iCal invites just to stay on top of each other’s demanding work schedules. Luckily we have our families close by whenever we need a helping hand!

How do you think motherhood today is different than our mothers' generation?

Motherhood today has definitely progressed in regard to technology and research. Doctors and networks of people have alllowed anyone who wants to be a mother get closer to becoming one. 

How do you approach mothering challenges when they come up?

Other than just wanting to hide.... taking a timeout to just breathe. It helps put the situation into perspective so you can work through the moment logically and not emotionally. 


pictured above: kim and her son, xavier

What's the most important value you'd like to pass onto your children?

Know your self-worth!

what lessons learned from your own childhood do you take to heart?

To love unconditionally. 


We've all been there--- feeling like we can't get out of the house, that our lives are a circus. At least even the most seemingly put-together families feel that their in the same boat! Motherhood is about the ups and downs, the tears and the laughter, and unconditional love as Kim mentioned. We're so thankful this Mother's Day for all of the beautiful and amazing Moms that are part of the Little Nest family. 

Thanks so much to Kim and her family for sharing their thoughts on modern motherhood!