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Modern Mom: Casie Raines

by Alex • Apr 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM



Modern Moms make the world go round! What does Modern Motherhood mean to you? 

Recently, we sat down with Casie Raines, from Knoxville, TN (and one of our very own franchisees!) to talk about what Modern Motherhood looks like to her and her family. 


Pictured above: Ethan (17), Liam (6), John and Casie Raines at Little Nest Portraits - Knoxville

Tell us about your family-- what does a typical weekday look like? 

Our family starts our week out by attending church together. It’s something that we do each week to remember our creator & acknowledge the importance of His words in our lives. We also really love the community fellowship that is present at our church family.

We focus on spending the remainder of the day together and trying to wind down before beginning another busy work week. We homeschool Liam, our youngest which is 6 years old. Our eldest, Ethan, works on his online course for photography certification. John [my husband] and I work together to share the load of our work duties. And we can’t forget Mary, John’s mother, she help’s with running the house and keeping our lives sane!

How do you think motherhood today is different than our mothers' generation?

I think mothers have the same core wants to spend time with our children and be part of providing a healthy lifestyle for our families… The ways in which we spend our time seems to be trending on quality of time and not always quantity of time. Mothers today are sometimes in the bread-winning position providing the bulk of the household income. I believe that we have the inherited acrobatic abilities that our mothers before us possessed, the only difference is that some of the roles that we are used to have switched. We have adapted to the times and are still try to bear the weight of the world [as women]!

How do you approach mothering challenges when they come up?

I realize that I am human by design. I have begun to accept that everything can’t and shouldn’t have to be held to the standard of “perfect”. I have stopped harboring the private idea that things need to appear perfect. We aren’t! Mothering challenges are best addressed after a cup of tea and reminiscent thoughts of what my grandmother taught me with her words, actions & deeds. Life has been full of disappointments and challenges, but the truth is that all of those challenges are handled the same way…by the grace of God!

What's the most important value you'd like to pass onto your children?

Hmm.. this is a hard one! Treat others how you would like to be treated. I feel like sooooo many things go back to this principal and we would bypass so many of life’s troubles if we just followed this one value.

what lessons learned from your own childhood do you take to heart?

There are so many, there is not enough hours in one day to talk about them all. One that stands out is integrity, always doing the right thing even when you know that no one is around to see or notice.

Okay-- and as one of our very first franchisees, we have to ask--- why Little Nest? 

Work+Life balance was the main reason. We read an article on Laura Novak and her vision to pass the lifestyle on through franchising. We related immediately. We had too much work and not enough life. It was our hearts cry to find the balance she possessed. So, we took a giant leap of faith and here we are a year later, owners of our very own Little Nest! I am happy to say that we are already enjoying the fruits of our labors! We are beyond excited and feel so blessed to be a part of an organization that has a vision for family and creating a lifestyle that focuses on providing a quality of life beyond the workplace. We work to live, we don’t live to work.


Pretty grounded, huh? Casie is filled with such grace and we're so lucky to have her as part of the Little Nest family. Thanks for sharing your story as a Modern Mom, Casie!

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