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Management 101: Not every situation requires a reaction

by Lindsay posted in management tips, monday mantra • Apr 6, 2015 8:30:00 AM





Do you find yourself jumping to the rescue when your staff need assistance?  Are you always ready to roll up your sleeves, put out the fire, and make things "run more smoothly" for your team?


Not every situation requires a reaction!!  Sometimes, the best thing you can do, is sit back, listen, encourage, and allow others to come up with solutions.  As leaders, we disempower our team members when we swoop in and rescue before giving them a chance to use their own skills and resources to get the job done.  Subconsciously, we are telling them that we don't trust their abilities. 

Trust yourself and your leadership skills, and trust the team you've built.  You've hired great people.  You have a great system and product.  And you have taught them well. Stop rescuing and start empowering.  If they run into road blocks, help them work towards a solution.  If they make a mistake, let them learn from it and grow.  When they succeed, they will have new found confidence and passion... and that is priceless!

Be proactive in hiring & training.  Be mindful when mentoring and managing.  Be proud when your team members become self sufficient.




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