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How We're Changing Photography with our DIY Concierge Service

by Alex • Jan 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM



This past January, we updated our pricing. Our customers had been asking for affordable digital files for some time, and after a customer survey reaffirmed what we'd already been thinking and hearing, we overhauled our offerings to make this demand a reality. 

Little Nest Portraits has long had a reputation for helping clients transform family photos into works of art for their home-- stunning canvas displays, albums, even photo wallpaper, so we wanted to be sure that we didn't lose this level of service and quality of product for our customers. 

In the digital world that we live in, where Instagram rules and everyone is an iPhone photographer, we wanted to give our customers a tool to create the same stunning effect in their homes as our wall art offerings, but on a budget. 


Our DIY Concierge Service is designed to do just that. It allows customers to transform their digital files into gorgeous gallery walls, photo albums, prints and so much more through our partners like Minted, Tinyprints, mPix and Artifact Uprising. We have ready-made frames available so you can print + go, as well as fun accessories like wooden arrows from Axel + Co or exclusive typography from Two Paper Dolls. The possibilities are literally endless as to what you can create from your magical family photos.


Through our app, Preveal, you can even take a photo of the room where you'd like to display your family portraits and play with different configurations to get an idea of exactly what you'll create for your home. IMG_0887.jpg

This budget-friendly option is perfect for the DIYer or the Dreamer who wants to create Pinterest-worthy displays for their family portraits. Our client coordinators are always on nearby to lend some inspiration and tips. 

We can't wait to see what you create!