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how do you choose the right portrait photographer?

by Lindsay posted in Family photography, family • Oct 9, 2015 10:03:00 AM




In the history of families, none has ever been exactly like yours. Your experiences, personalities, and relationships are special, and create an extraordinary foundation for everything yet to come.

Whether you are anxiously awaiting your baby’s first steps across a room, or first steps into adulthood, your connection to each other as a family is something you want to capture and celebrate for years. 

So how do you find a family portrait photographer who really gets you? One who will be your partner and help you to create timeless images that you can treasure for generations?  It takes a little work… but it’s well worth it! 

Step 1: Do some research!

Talk to your friends and family about their experiences with photographers: who they liked, why they liked them, what worked well and what they wish they had done differently.

Then go online to look at their websites and social media pages to see if their images and presentation inspire you and fit your esthetic.

Step 2: Meet them in person!

How they present themselves online is a great way to narrow down your options… but to really choose from your shortlist you should visit their studios, meet them in person, and see if you "click" with them. 

After all… you are entrusting them with your biggest treasures… your family memories!

Step 3: See how they measure up against your goals 

We’ve created a handy guide with the top 10 things to look for in a family portrait photographer. These qualities are universal, and not specific to any particular area or design style. Use this tool to help you focus in on what matters most to you, and to guide your conversations with your potential photographer. 

Ultimately, the success of your experience will often come down to that unexplainable feeling of connection. Are you comfortable with the people you meet in the studio? Do they relate to your personality and sense of humor? Do they seem to get what you’re looking for?

Ideally, the studio you hire will be a business you can build a relationship with over time...a place you trust to provide you with the best experience and results, starting now and hopefully lasting for years.

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