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Our Culture

We pride ourselves on an amazing culture at Little Nest built on very important vowel-ues. These values guide our day-to-day decision making and make Little Nest a delightful place to be!


Here's what we value (in an easy-to-remember AEIOU format):


  • We are honest + authentic in all of our interactions.  A healthy emotional climate built on authenticity empowers, motivates and unifies.
  • We value and prioritize genuine, real moments in the photographs we take.
  • We act in the spirit of partnership and collaboration with one another.
  • Healthy debates are welcomed and valued as we look for solutions, not problems.


  • We are continually curious and love to learn new things.  We share a passion for outstanding photographic quality.
  • Every single guest is treated with the highest level of care and consideration as if they were our own family member.
  • Complacency stinks!  We push above the norm and always look to raise the creativity bar.


  • We do the harder right, even (especially) when no one is looking.
  • We learn from our mistakes, and own up to them when they happen. We take responsibilty, and then move on quickly without keeping score.
  • We question actions when they seem inconsistent with our values.


  • We are part of a changing, transforming industry where we act and shift quickly.
  • Problems are always to be seen as opportunities turned inside out.
  • We assume the best in others and stay aligned with a focus on performance.
  • We're open to trying new ideas, and prioritize progress over perfection.


  • We rise and fall as a team: you are always part of a bigger picture.
  • We are positive, passionate, and always take extra time to support one another.
  • We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, enthusiasts, volunteers, and partners.  We are at our best when we make time for each and every facet of who we are.

Is this the place you've always dreamed of being a part of? 

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