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Collaborative vs Traditional Franchise Systems [Infographic]

by Lindsay posted in Franchise Information, small business ownership • Jan 13, 2015 1:43:00 PM



Once you decide to break out on your own and become your own boss, the obvious next step is to decide on your business structure.

We've been talking a lot on the blog recently about the the benefits of franchising versus going it alone in today's business world.  In order to decide if franchising is right for you, you need to research the structure of the franchise system, to see if it will give you the support you need, and the type of culture you envision for your small business. In the franchise world today, there is a new movement towards a more collaborative approach between franchisors, and franchisees. 

So, what is a “collaborative franchise”?

At it’s most basic, a collaborative system is based on the franchise company and the brand “partners” (or franchisees) working together to improve customer, employee, and owner experience, while pushing the brand towards new opportunities and increased profitability.

The system is based on mutual respect and an understanding that everyone who has been vetted and granted a franchise has something unique and valuable to contribute to the organization. As strong candidates enter the franchise system, the system gets stronger, and everyone benefits.

What does that mean in plain English?!  Check out this infographic for a neat breakdown of the top 5 perks of working within a collaborative franchise system vs a traditional franchise model.


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In this new era of franchising, collaborative systems are at the forefront, offering positive work cultures, accessible support, and a high commitment to excellence & teamwork.  If you've never considered owning a franchise before, but love the idea of owning your own business AND having a support sytem, a collaborative franchise may be a great fit for you.  


Want to learn more?  We've created this informative PDF download: "The 5 Strengths of a Collaborative Franchise System" to give you more in depth information about the key differences between modern, collaborative systems, and the traditional franchise models.  Click the button below to download your free copy. 

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