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business challenges as opportunities

by Lindsay posted in small business ownership, female entrepreur, monday mantra • Mar 16, 2015 1:10:52 PM




As an entrepreneur, it's easy to be afraid of the time, money, & energy that can be lost on facing & overcoming challenges.  Especially when you are just starting out.  Every penny, and every minute seem so crucial in helping you get across the chasm to profitability and success. 

But take a minute to flip that perspective on it's ear...   some of the greatest ideas, inventions, and social movements have arisen out of challenges!!  A problem is also a puzzle to be solved... an opportunity to be grasped.   Painful?  Yes.  But often incredibly necessary!

If you are currently facing a problem or challenge in your business, try to step away from the emotional turmoil that it creates, and see the bigger picture.  Where is your system breaking down?  What can you be doing differently? What opportunities are now in front of you by making a change, or solving this puzzle? If it continues to baffle you, call upon a friend, colleague, mentor, or even a client to help you explore the problem with a fresh perspective.  There's wisdom & strength in your community, so tap into it!  Someday YOU will be the friend, colleague or mentor others turn to.

There are so many ways to creatively solve your business problems.  I'd love to tap into the wisdom of this community and hear some of your advice for fellow entrepreneurs! Please comment or email me with your thoughts!


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