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Advice to My New-Mom Self (Part 2)

by Alex • Jun 3, 2016 11:52:00 AM



Last week, we asked the many Moms at Little Nest to share some of the advice they wished they'd known as a new Mom. There's an overwhelming amount of advice out there, and becoming a Mom for the first time is such a life-altering experience. Our Little Nest Family had some pretty wonderful tidbits to share, so this blog post is a continuation of that! 

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Wiley001.jpeg From Megan, Client Coordinator at Little Nest Montclair, Mom to fletcher, spencer and preston. 

Sleep when the babies sleep! The house and laundry can always be taken care of later :)  


From Amy, Photographer at Little Nest Glen Mills, Mom to spencer, natalie and nolan

Breastfeeding is really hard!  No one really talks about it, but it is hard and can be stressful.  The irony is, stress in your body makes it worse.  So, I wish I would have known to do research beforehand on the challenges of breastfeeding, and to ask for help with it sooner rather than later.  There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help, and nothing wrong with spreading the word that BREASTFEEDING IS HARD !  

Say YES to anyone and everyone who asks if they can do ANYTHING to help you when you are a new Mom.  Get in the habit of caring for yourself as much as you care for your baby.

Keep a little blank book around to write funny things down, whether feelings you have when they’re newborn, funny circumstances or awesome things that they say as they start talking.  My little books are priceless to me (and hilarious).

 Go to your little tyke’s doctor visits with your questions written down.  If you don’t, invariably you’ll forget an important question you wanted to ask, and besides, doctors take you more seriously when you have a list!


From Ashley, Photographer at Little Nest Glen Mills + Little Nest Wayne, Mom to Ava and Jillian

There are soooo many things I wish I could tell my new mom self. I think the thing that stands out the most is this:

There will be moments where you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like you are failing. As a new mom it can be so challenging to remember all the good you are doing when you have a couple bad days in a row (especially if you aren't sleeping!). In those moments where you feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself just remember, you are doing the very best you can with what you've got. It will get better. Oh and caffeine definitely helps:)