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A Franchise Opportunity That Marries Creativity and Business

by Laura posted in Franchise Information, female entrepreur, women in business • Mar 22, 2016 2:17:55 PM



"Good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

Many of us believe that running a business consists of “crunching numbers” while “art” is something we do in our spare time or as a hobby.

We cling to that dusty, old divide of right brain/left brain (an idea which was debunked years ago by neuroscientists) and continue thinking in limited terms of “strengths and weaknesses”.


But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Thinking in terms of strengths or weaknesses limits our potential, since being in business for yourself requires an open mind for accepting the wide range of opportunities and challenges that’ll present themselves along the way.

People with artistic backgrounds often come to us, interested in starting their own Little Nest franchise. But the business aspects of running a boutique photography studio intimidate them. They love photography and make amazing art, but a profit and loss statement scares them half to death!

So we break it down for them and show them how just how simple the “crunching numbers” side of business can be. Slowly they begin to realize that these business skills they found so intimidating are simply easily learned skills, not gifted to you at birth.

Little Nest was created with both “sides” of the brain in mind. The more we use both our business side and our creative side, the more we realize those sides don’t really exist. It’s more of a fluid, rounded process, where we approach both our personal and business decisions creatively.

Break from building boxes 

Building boxes for our personalities can be limiting. We encourage new entrepreneurs to avoid any language that begins “I’m just not very good at ______.”

If you’ve started your own business, you may need to be at least passably good in all areas of your business. (Notice I didn’t say you had to like all aspects of your business!)

People like to be creative. It’s our nature. Problem solving needs creativity for out-of-the-box solutions. Active, fired-up imaginations help you to dream big and expand your business. 

The act of running a business is a constantly creative process. So along with thinking of yourself as a professional in your field, remember: you’re a working artist, too.

Interested in seeing how your business and creativity would be best utilized?

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