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5 biggest perks of working within a collaborative franchise system

by Lindsay posted in Franchise Information, small business ownership • Dec 8, 2014 12:10:23 PM



A collaborative franchise structure is rare in a world of more traditional franchise systems. It's in a collaborative environment where franchisees find they're valued not only for their ability to create relationships with new clients, but with the home office team members and other franchise owners, as well. This value and belief system governs everything that's unique and remarkable about a collaborative system.

So how does this affect a franchise owner and how do you know if a collaborative franchise or more traditional franchise is right for you?

We wrote a guide to understanding the difference between a traditional franchise and a collaborative one. Here's a snippet out of this guide so that you can preview what's inside. See the bottom of this article for a link to download the entire PDF.


Membership in an Exclusive Community + Commitment to Excellence in Teamwork

In a collaborative franchise, expect a series of interviews and an extensive training process, designed to ensure compatibility with the values, quality, and service expectations of the brand. As a company with a slower, more deliberate growth model, this community will be smaller than most within the franchise industry, allowing for more collaboration within the group.

The strengths of individual members, combined with exceptional systems, processes, and industry experience allow many collaborative franchises to uphold exceptional standards for excellence in service, quality, and experience.

This commitment to excellence is often nurtured through close community ties with other franchisee owners around the country. Owners with strengths in one aspect of the business are encouraged to partner with other owners with different strengths, in order to mentor each other and lift each other up. By working together, everyone’s business is stronger and more satisfying.

As strong believers in the importance of community, you’ll often find that collaborative franchises hold a deep commitment to supporting local schools and charities through donations of time and services, as well.

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