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3 ways to immediately improve your work-life balance

by Laura posted in Franchise Information • Dec 4, 2015 9:00:00 AM



As this New York Times article indicates, finding a balance to work and life is becoming more and more challenging every day -- especially for working women.

This is a topic near and dear to our hearts here at Little Nest.

In fact, a recent Pew Research Center survey shows parents in households where both work report feeling stressed, rushed, tired and low on quality time for family and friends. To add to that, many say their places of work have not caught up with changing family structures.

The idea of work-life balance is a hot topic around here at Little Nest Portraits. We don't debate whether or not it exists or is even possible. Instead, we put all of our energy into helping our employees and our franchise owners create what we prefer to call work-life harmony.

Below, I've given you three tips I use to bring more harmony to my work and life:


here are three tips for immediately improving harmony for yourself:

Tip 1: create your own buddy system
Identify a team member at work and family member or friend at home who'll be there when you need help or have an emergency. Agree to return the favor whenever they're in need, too. That way, if you get sick right before an important deadline or need a helping hand at home, you have another support person to rely on. As I explain in this recent Periscope video, that's one of key contributors to my success and my own personal harmony.

Tip 2: dedicate time to either one or the other
More than likely, work has 100% of your attention when you're there. But does your home have 100% of your attention when you're inside of it? One thing that has brought me a great sense of balance is putting my laptop away on the third story of my home every Friday after work. It allows me to give my total attention to my two boys and my husband during our important family weekend time together.

Tip 3: become part of a culture that appreciates it
Some employers aren't savvy to the changing landscape of working families. Entrepreneurs can even struggle from time-to-time to balance demands of clients or their team with household responsibilities. However, being part of--or creating for yourself--a culture where work-life harmony is appreciated and respected makes it eternally easier.

When you're seeking your next employment opportunity or entrepreneurial venture, be sure to evaluate how closely the organization's work-life harmony values align with your own.

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